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Have you voted yet? I have check out the Bloggies nominations this year. I looked at all of the Best Kept Secrets section and there were one or two that made me laugh and laugh. I don’t know who the Moose is but Confessions reminded me of all those private diaries women kept secretly full of wry observations – well now they are out there.

But I seriously think the Bloggies have missed a trick! They really need a new category. Most Blogged Conference, including Best Blogged Conference and most Blogosphere Hoohah from a Conference, Best Conference Blogger, best Conference Blogette.

No, seriously – don’t you think the whole confeence scene has been changed? It can take days to read the blog posts from a conference (over 27,000 posts on Davos, albeit only 652 tagged) and I couldn’t agree more with Reuters Chief Executive, Tom Glocer, blogging here on the Huffington Post

The technique finally seems to have caught on in Davos. Everyone is blogging about what is going on in Davos to the point that no one has time to talk face-to-face anymore because they need to rush off and record the last great thought.

Inviting bloggers to Davos is a good thing as it means those not attending in person can participate in the discussion and it makes the whole thing a bit more informal. But by the time I arrived on Wednesday, there were already one million blog hits for “Davos 2007.” At this rate, we’ll all be able to stay home, prevent climate change and just send our avatars to Switzerland.

Hmmm. Still would have preferred to be there myself. Back to my point. People are blogging so much do they have time to talk to anyone, or each other? I noticed this first at TED last March. Is there a polite way to interrupt a blogger to say hello, or even try and talk? Guess you have to send a comment! At Netsquared last May Ethan Zuckerman spoke on a panel and blogged brilliantly at the same time – so he did have time for a chat in the corridor. I think I am onto something.

Anyone know anyone at the Bloggies?

But we also need best photos linked to from a blog (but not to Flickr!) category. What I really loved were Ben Hammersley’s photos of scenes from Davos. (actually his post was pretty good too!) Sometimes when I worry that things never change photos come to my rescue Number 8 does not help in this respect (plus ca change!) WISH I could show you the photo here, but Number 24 was good for me. Trevor Manuel was in and out of jail and detention when I was making films about South Africa during some very dark days of Apartheid. Now he is their Minister of Finance. Took a while, but it did happen peacefully.

Perhaps this could be a new category too. Best blog roundup of most blogged conference?. Who’s going to help me with this new category then?


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