My name is Lucy Hooberman and I  am the Director of Digital Media and Innovation at Warwick University’s new International Digital Laboratory.  This is a new post and I am working to create a new programme of research and some big projects which I will talk about here when I can.

I joined Warwick in mid November 2008 only a couple of weeks after I left my Innovation Executive post at the BBC in Future Media until November 2008. I was part of a  small, but perfectly formed, innovation team helping people inside and outside the BBC develop new projects in digital media. Any views expressed here are my personal views, and do not represent any official BBC point of view. You can see plenty of BBC POVs now on the BBC Blog Network the result of one of my research and innovation projects a couple of years ago. And now our blogs have found their way to the front page of the BBC homepage I am really happy to see how a project that started with us is playing its part in opening up the BBC to new kinds of conversations with our audiences. I started my media journey as a producer creating drama and documentary with participants of the stories and programmes – early user-lead content. A lot of my work at the BBC has been focussing on opening the organisation up , to make it more permeable , conversational and future-focussed.

One response to “About

  1. Ryan Flynn

    Hello Lucy,

    After reading your blog, I would like to talk with you about a new project I am building the board for and about to launch.

    What I am doing, can best be described as reinventing the energy and water industries and creating a global minmal standard of living. Think of Skype and telecoms, gives you a little idea.




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