Oh Lord: Lordsoftheblog.net

I am definately going to have to take an interest in this.  It’s gone live today and was brought into being by the Hansard Society.  Things definately seem to be moving on. It’s desribed as a “meeting room without walls”

 This is what they have to say:

“Apparently we are going live today. So far, our blog confessions have had a very limited audience, but now anyone may see what we have been doing.

Not that I have anything to hide. Indeed, I suspect that most members of the Lords would be only too happy if the public could and did take more notice of what we do on their behalf. Some of us spent a lengthy afternoon last Thursday debating the best way to get more people – and especially young people – interested in the way Parliament deals with their concerns, hopes and fears.”

In the interests of full disclosure: must see if my other half is going to blog here or how many will join in…. .  He is no longer in the Government, hence the speeches are going down in number, but a blog might be just the ticket.

Just a reminder.  All the views I express on this blog are personal, and not the official view of the BBC!


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